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Conversational AI Platform For Customer Service Automation.


Intelligent self-service with Conversational AI.

Serve more customers automatically.
Your SaaS business FAQs are handled by the AI bot.
Your customer service agents have to work less.
Increase deflection rate in messaging channels.
Agents can focus on sales and complex issues.
Customers automatically served.

Digital-first customer service that users want.

Solve customer questions faster.
Bot gives accurate answers to customers.
No need to repeat when transferred to agents.
Available 24/7. Automatically in any language.
Conversational bot with NLU and intent detection.
Average answer detection accuracy.

Conversational AI chatbot launched in minutes.

Enterprise grade with top SaaS-specific templates.
Works in all European languages, Russian & Arabic.
Build bot in one language, automatically knows all.
AI suggests improvement into your training data.
Share bot with colleagues via ready-made URL.
3 min
Time to launch.

Go crazy.

APIs connect data from your CRM and backend.
AlphaOS for writing custom code into bot actions.
Bot authenticates users via your standard log-in.
Custom widget triggers on websites. JSON export.
Connect to other messaging channels with API.
Conversations powered / month.

Try it. Type in the box.

Type "What products do you offer"
Bot answers in English.
Type "Welches Produkt bieten Sie an"
Bot answers in German.
Knows all languages. Trained in English only.
Automatic languages available.

Trusted by telecoms and banks.
Powering 250,000+ conversations / month.

Set up our AI for your customer support automation.