Conversational AI Product Features

Organized topics. Scalable to 1,000s.

Clear of bot topics in Floweditor.
Well-manageable even with 2,000+ topics.
Each topic trainable with phrases as an intent.
Link topics. Create nested workflows.
Copy/paste and delete topics. JSON import/export.

Chatbot answers' visual editor.

Write text that chatbot will answer.
WYSIWYG text editor.
Easy to use visual editor.
Add links to URL or link within the bot topics.
Add images, carousels, videos.

Train by inserting phrases to the topic.

Add training phrases to each topic.
Edit, delete or search training phrases.
Let AI generate training phrases for you.
Enable/disable topics for seasonality.
Phrases easily visible straight from the topic editor.

Clear view of trained topics and phrases.

Filter topics by amount of trained phrases.
See phrases linked to each topic.
Filter across phrases.
Edit or delete phrases.
Train with one click. Harness deep learning.

Train the AI from customer messages.

AI predicts topics for each customer message.
Train phrase to correct topics with one click.
Color coding indicates AI prediction focus.
Overview of validated/unvalidated phrases.
Quick way for improving the AI for bot trainers.

Write custom code into bot with AlphaOS.

Authenticate users.
Use API to connect to your backend.
Make custom queries to your database.
Serve personalized answers to authenticated users.
Push data to your servers.

AI suggests improvements.

See current and suggested topics for phrases.
Validate with one click.
Colors to indicate algorithm's decision making.
Ignore irrelevant suggestions with single click.

Full live chat product connected to the bot.

Seamless handover to built-in live chat.
Smart handover from bot to agent.
Get notified of incoming agent chat.
Agent-assist mode for suggested answers.
Re-assign chats to other agents. Quick replies.

Design your own widget style.

Change colors to widget header.
Change chat bubble colors.
Customize widget launcher text.
Add your own company logo / icon.
Pick color for minimized widget.

Measure everything.

Deflection rate - sessions and %.
Enter cost per chat and measure costs saved.
Chat triggered by interaction metrics.
Customer feedback by chatbot topics (like/dislike).
Customer rating to chatbots.

Integrate our chat widget into your website.

Simply copy custom chat widget code into your website builder and the Intelligent Virtual Assistant will be on your website. Get our sandbox URL for your own testing.

Connect us to your current chat tools and messaging platforms.

Our flexible APIs allow connecting your Intelligent Virtual Assistant into your communication channels. Whether it be CRMs or messaging platforms.

Add the AI to your website with 1 line of JavaScript.

Mobile optimized.

Encrypted data via HTTPS. Operations log.

Add buttons, URLs, images, carousels and more to the AI.

Powerful features at midmarket price.

Get a powerful Conversational AI solution with live chat where you can build your own AI in minutes. Enable new solutions in your area of expertise.

Set up our AI for your customer support automation.