Conversational AI Available For All.

We make AI easy for our users. People are creative. We want you to be able to express yourself through software. No matter if you can code or not. You just want to build. And we get that. With AlphaChat you can build high quality Conversational AI quickly.

Our products have been built from the ground-up to make sure they are using the latest technologies. The Intelligent Virtual Assistants built on our platform are doing 250,000 conversations / month with users. We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and machine learning specialists. Here to make you succeed.


Indrek Vainu is the CEO of AlphaChat. He has been building AI start-ups for the past 6 years and is an expert in Conversational AI. His previous experience included being the CEO of a 70-person machine learning company. Indrek has a degree from Harvard University. LinkedIn profile.

Hendrik Luuk is the CTO of AlphaChat. He has a Ph.D. in data science and has conducted internationally acclaimed post-doc work. His background is from the field of neuroscience where he built systems that analysed terabytes of data. Hendrik is a frequent speaker at machine learning events. LinkedIn profile.

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