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Trusted by telecoms and banks.
Powering 250,000+ conversations / month.


Intelligent self-service with ConversationalAI.

Measure and increase resolution rate.
Increase deflection rate in messaging channels.
Put repetitive tasks on autopilot.
Cross reference resolution data to call center data.
Reduce agent workload. Leave FAQs to the AI bot.
Average deflection rate with AlphaChat.

Provide support that customers want.

Fast answers to questions 24/7 in any language.
Bot gives accurate answers with intent detection.
No need to repeat. Efficient bot-to-agent handoff.
Measure and analyze AI answer quality.
Natural Language Understanding.
< 1s
Average answer time to customers.

Build automation with minimal effort.

Templates (SaaS, ecommerce, finance, telecom).
Templates pre-trained with training data.
Pull content automatically from your FAQ URL.
AI suggests improvement into your training data.
Invite colleagues. Build together. Bot testing URL.
1 hour
Build and deploy a working solution.

Add extra intelligence.

APIs connect data from your CRM and backend.
AlphaOS to write custom code into bot actions.
Built-in live chat for seamless human handover.
Custom chat widget triggers on your websites.
No vendor lock in. Export content as JSON.
Conversations powered / month.

Try it. Type in the box.

Ask a question like you would from a human.
Answers in all languages.
AI trained only in 1 language.
Free text multi-linguality without extra work.
Intent detection powered by deep learning.
Automatic languages available.

Write custom code to intents with AlphaOS.

Want to authenticate users? Use the API? Write custom code on our platform? Connect other channels? Deploy on-premise? All this available in the Enterprise package.

Integrate our chat widget into your website.

Simply copy custom chat widget code into your website builder and the Intelligent Virtual Assistant will be on your website. Get our sandbox URL for your own testing.

Connect us to your current chat tools and messaging platforms.

Our flexible APIs allow connecting your Intelligent Virtual Assistant into your communication channels. Whether it be CRMs or messaging platforms.

Add the AI to your website with 1 line of JavaScript.

Mobile optimized.

Encrypted data via HTTPS. Operations log.

Add buttons, URLs, images, carousels and more to the AI.

Powerful features at midmarket price.

Get a powerful Conversational AI solution with live chat where you can build your own AI in minutes. Enable new solutions in your area of expertise.


Strong chatbot platform that is perfect for scaling and automating customer contacts.  

They have really supported us over the years - and have done exactly what we have asked, to automate more of our chat contacts to help solve our customer's issues. The tool itself is intuitive and gives us the freedom to easily update and change Chat Bot responses on the fly, incredibly useful when we have a product that can change quite regularly. For anything that requires additional work, their support has been outstanding, turning around our requests very quickly. I've been quite impressed with their roadmap, and taking our feedback onboard.

Customer Support Lead, Fintech industry.

I like the reaction speed to any questions and possible setup changes.

Today, customers have an increasing habit of communicating via chat, and so do our customers. With the chat service, we offer customers the expected opportunities to communicate with the company.

Manager, Tourism industry.

Improving customer contact efficiency while providing a very flexible solution.

Clear view on the product's performance, fast responsiveness and implementing of required updates, the ability to apply changes in realtime for bots' interactions with customers and multi-language support.

Manager, Fintech industry.

Set up our AI for your customer support automation.