AlphaChat Conversational AI Launched In Product Hunt

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Indrek Vainu
May 18, 2021
AlphaChat Conversational AI Launched In Product Hunt

Excited to announce that has been launched in Product Hunt. It is the premier community for discovering new products and we are excited to launch our product.

Big thank you to Chris Messina for hunting our product! is a powerful Conversational AI product for SaaS companies to automate customer support on their website. See the product features video below.

Here are a few things how AlphaChat is different from other platforms:

👉 Build intent detecting bots with pre-trained customer service FAQs on our self-service NLU platform.

👉 Launch bot in minutes and deflect 65% of inquiries. No expensive consultants or long pilots.

👉 Get live chat that comes built-in.

👉 Authenticate users through the API so that the bot gives personalized answers (in Enterprise Plan).

Why we built AlphaChat?

Over the past years we’ve been building our Conversational AI product that is serving banks and telecoms with 250,000 bot conversations / month.

We noticed that customer support specialists wanted to build Conversational AI bots by themselves without learning to code.

So we worked hard and are now launching our previously enterprise-only product as a self-service Conversational AI platform.

The main benefits we have seen from customers is:

👉Increase self-service rates in customer support (an average of 65%).

👉Reduce human agent workload.

👉Satisfied customers through 24/7 personalized support.