Top 10 Best Chatbots in Finance


Chatbots in Fintech not only allow customers to manage requests in a faster and more efficient way, but they also act as a listening channel from which we can better understand our customers.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 best financial chatbots, with different deatures ans use cases to help you in your venture.

Best chatbot software

1. AlphaChat

AlphaChat is a no-code Conversational AI platform allowing anyone to build Natural Language Understanding chatbots and Virtual Assistants. 

Top Features:

  • Built-in Natural Language Understanding for training chatbots
  • Full live chat product connected to the bot
  • Authentication and APIs
  • Multilingual support with Polyglot mode

What’s special about this tool: Powerful tool for building chatbots in banking and finance with insights into customer conversations (topics discussed, customer satisfaction) and statistics on bot performance. SLA and Alpha Operating System with custom code available for enterprise chatbots.

Pricing: 10-day free trial. Paid plans from €399/month. 

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2. Tars

Tars is a chatbot platform allowing you to create conversational landing pages to improve your PPC conversion rate. It provides a suite of templates for finance chatbots.

Top Features:

  • Lead generation forms
  • 950+ templates across 18 industries 
  • Supports 25 different languages 
  • CRM integration

What’s special about this tool: Tars is a good option for those seeking to convert leads better from their advertising campaigns.

Pricing: Free 14-day trial available, paid plans from $499/month.

3. is a Conversational AI software for automating customer support.

Top Features:

  • Virtual Assistant training
  • Deep integrations
  • Custom machine learning models
  • Enterprise focus

What’s special about this tool: allows you to build chatbots in several languages and launch customer service automation within weeks.

Pricing: Paid plans starting from €499/month.

4. Meya

Meya is a Conversational AI chatbot program that offers financial service chatbots without sacrificing on security.

Top Features:

  • Multiple cloud hosting
  • Own markup language
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Customizable widget

What’s special about this tool: Meya offers its own Bot Flow Markup Language for developers in building their chatbots.

Pricing: Paid plans starting from $799/month.

5. Solvvy

Solvvy is a chatbot and automation platform for building no-code workflows.

Top Features:

  • Intelligent automation: Human + AI
  • On-Brand Conversations
  • Multi-channel support
  • Insights and statistics

What’s special about this tool: Solvvy automates customer support with workflow builders and customer journey tools to connect to live chat. 

Pricing: Pricing available on request.

6. Mindsay

Mindsay is a customer service automation tool which gives the possibility to build and train finance chatbots.

Top Features:

  • Train chatbots
  • Integrate to 3rd party tools
  • In-depth analytics
  • Multiple languages available

What’s special about this tool: With Mindsay it is possible to train the bot in multiple languages, connect to third party tools and analyze interactions.

Pricing: Pricing available on request.

7. Userlike

Userlike is one of the best chatbot solutions with a live chat product that also offers several benefits for chatbots in banking and fintech.

Top Features:

  • Live chat
  • Rule-based chatbot
  • CRM integrations
  • Handover to agents

What’s special about this tool: Handover to human agents in live chat and ability to connect your own bot to the product.

Pricing: Chatbot available with the paid Business plan from €720/month.

8. Ada

Ada is chatbot platform for customer service and marketing automation and with a no code solution. 

Top Features:

  • No code platform
  • APIs
  • Predictive suggestions
  • Smart routing

What’s special about this tool: Ada enables different service levels for people when routing from the bot to the agents based on customer profile.

Pricing: Paid plans price available on request.

9. Botscrew

Botscrew provides an enterprise focused chatbot platform and offers custom development work on building chatbots.

Top Features:

  • Enterprise chatbots
  • Custom development
  • Integrations
  • Suitable for agencies

What’s special about this tool: Botscrew offers custom chatbot development on top of its own chatbot platform which can be useful for companies looking for a partner in the chatbot development journey.

Pricing: Paid plans price available on request.

10. is a chatbot software that lets you create text or voice-based bots on your preferred messaging platform.

Top Features:

  • Intelligent chatbot for preferred channel
  • Easy setup
  • Make bots in 132 different language 

What’s special about this tool: It’s a simple solution for your NLP needs and an open source framework.

Pricing: Free