Hubspot Chatbot Builder vs - Conversational AI Software Comparison

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Indrek Vainu
June 8, 2021
Hubspot Chatbot Builder vs - Conversational AI Software Comparison

TL;DR - if you are already using Hubspot you can try their Chatbot here. If you seek a comprehensive, easy to use Conversational AI to build your own chatbot the way you want it that provides deep customization (e.g. authentication) as you scale then go for the AlphaChat Conversational AI platform.

1. Chatbot Builder With Conversational AI


  • Build a rule-based chatbot with a no code tool.

  • No-code editor for building intents and workflows. 
  • Intents organized under folders to scale to 1,000+ intents.
  • WYSIWYG chatbot text editor.
  • Add links to other topics, links to URLs, images, carousels.

2. Training Smart AI Bots


  • Cannot train bots. Rule-based chatbot only. 
  • No Natural Language Understanding with conversational capabilities.

  • Insert phrases under intents.
  • Selection from best deep learning algorithms optimized for training speed and accuracy.
  • Train with one-click.
  • Training data organized under intents. Searchable and modifiable.
  • Multiple intent handling.
  • ReTrain function where AI suggests improvements into training data.
  • Overlap function where AI shows overlap of phrases across intents.

3. Languages Supported By Intelligent Chatbots


  • Rule based bot only. No capability to understand language.

  • All European languages + Russian + Arabic.

4. Chat Widget Functionality For Chatbot To Use


  • Connected to Hubspot chat widget.
  • Show multiple-choice buttons and collect emails.

  • Fully configurable widget with customizable colors and logos.
  • Bot can show text, images, videos, buttons, forms, carousels.
  • Automatic customers language detection with URL parameters.
  • Detects whether agents are online or offline.

5. Metrics For Measuring Customer Support Efficiency With AI


  • Standard live chat metrics.

  • Measure self-service resolution rate.
  • Measure direct costs saved.
  • Customer satisfaction metrics (money saved with bot).

6. Conversational AI Integration To RCS, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp


  • N/A

  • API available for integration to all channels.

7. Live Chat Availability


  • Connect to Hubspot live chat.
  • Agent handover.

  • Full live chat functionality built-in.
  • Efficient handover from bot to agents with conversation history.
  • Co-pilot mode where AI suggests answers to agents. 
  • Ability to connect to 3rd party customer support platforms (Zendesk, Salesforce).

8. Bot Authenticates Users


  • N/A

  • Available through AlphaOS where custom code can be written into intents.

9. Enterprise Features For Bot


  • SSO.
  • User roles.
  • Technical support.

  • SSO. Access Control.
  • Test and deployment environments.
  • SLA. Dedicated support in Slack, Teams.

10. API Connectivity With Conversational AI


  • Collect leads.
  • Connected to Hubspot CRM to serve information to customers from the CRM.

  • APIs for chatbot functionality - logs, statistics, history, sending and receiving messages, testing.

11. Price


  • Chatbot is free to start.
  • Free price limits chatbot capability to ticket creation, lead qualification and meeting booking.
  • Free plan has no custom branching logic.

  • €399/month
  • 1 Conversational chatbot you can train and build custom logic.
  • 1 agent live chat license. 
  • 3,000 chats/month included.
  • Customizable widget.
  • Deflection rate, customer happiness metrics.
  • Enterprise plan for API, AlphaOS, additional bots.