Top 14 Live Chat Metrics To Measure Agent Performance

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Sten Koobas
September 14, 2021
Top 14 Live Chat Metrics To Measure Agent Performance

Businesses can use live chat to handle real-time conversations and improve client satisfaction by using it as a communication channel. It also gives clients a simple way to contact your company with questions or problems.

It's impossible to know what's working and what isn't until you track your live chat metrics and KPIs and have a solid business growth strategy in place. As a result, live chat performance metrics are critical for evaluating the success of your live chat and identifying areas for improvement.

Businesses that use live chat must have a comprehensive understanding of the live chat metrics.

Live Chat Metrics

1. Total Chats

The first diagram of the Agent chats tab displays the total number of all chats in a specified time. The chats are categorized as Chats with agent only, Chats with bot and agent and Chats with bot only.


2. Chats Handled Per Agnets


Chats handled per agent can be used to compare agents work in a selected time range:

3. Day To Day Chat Stats


This metric shows day-to-day statistics about chats with bot only, chats with agent only and chats with bot and agent aka as handovers. Handover is a term used to describe a situation where a chat is given to an agent.

4. Total Rejected Chats Per Queue


With this metric you can see the total number of rejected chats per queue over the specified timeline. In other words, this shows the number of customers that requested handover but did not get to speak to a human live agent in that specific timeframe.

5. Total Abandoned Chats Per Queue


Total abandoned chats per queue shows the total number of chats where a customer got to handover but left the chat before the ticket was resolved.

6. Tags


Tags displays which kind of tags were used to mark tickets over a specified timeline.

7. Day To Day Chats Per Agent


Agent specific day-to-day chat statistics.

8. Abandoned Chats Per Queue 


Abandoned chats per queue shows the daily number of grouped customers that got to handover but left the chat before the ticket was resolved.

9. Response Times

Response times display the agents first response time and average response time on a daily basis.



10. Replied Count


Replied count shows the daily number of replies made by agents in a specified timeframe.

11. Resolution Time


Resolution time shows the average full conversation length between the agent and the user.


12. Queue Stats


Queue stats describe all specified queues. The metrics table is divided to Now, Current day until now starts and Last 15 min stats.

13. Agent Stats


Agent stats is a handy view for agent managers. It allows to compare agent's performance and see their current status.


14. Agent Activity 


Agent activity is an extension of agent statuses. This view visualizes your agent statuses throughout the day.

Agent activity is monitored by events that are triggered every 20 seconds. The daily report is presented in 15 minute segments, meaning that the data is generalized every 15 minutes. The agent status for every 15 minute time frame will be determined by the highest status value that occured. The values of the status are:


0 - No events related to agent activity. This means that the agent was logged off during that time frame.


1 - Agent did not accept chats nor send messages.


2 - Agent did not accept chats but messages were sent.


3 - Agent accepted chats but did not send messages.


4 - Agent accepted chats and sent messages. This means that the agent was accepting chats during a 15 minute time frame and sent a message during the last 20 seconds at least once.




Using live chat to assist customers will help you connect with them, improve their entire experience, and increase conversion. Measuring live chat metrics and analytics is critical to achieving all of these objectives and improving your client experience.

You can provide an outstanding chat experience, attract more satisfied clients, and accelerate the growth of your business by following the agent performance live chat metrics and live chat support KPIs.

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