Make Live Chat Customer Support More Efficient.

Serve more customers automatically.
Your business FAQs are handled by the AI bot.
Your customer service agents have to work less.
Increase deflection rate in chat.
Agents can focus on sales and complex issues.
Customers automatically served.

Make Customers Happy. Be Available 24/7.

Customers get instant answers from chatbot 24/7.
Bot trained to give accurate answers to customers.
Handover to your agents.
1 bot simultaneously in all European languages.
Conversational bot with NLU and intent detection.
Average answer detection accuracy.

Telecom Chatbot Launched In Minutes.

Enterprise grade with industry templates.
Works in all European languages + Russian & Arabic.
More than just canned answers. Get conversational.
Build bot in one language, automatically knows all.
AI suggests improvement into your training data.
5 min
Time to launch.

Connect Your Telecom Chatbot To Your Current Chat Tools

Bot deployed in your website within seconds.
Integrations to CRM and messaging platforms.
Authentication and APIs.
Measure user satisfaction with bot.
Analyze conversational data. API available.
Conversations we power / month.

Trusted by telecoms and banks.
Powering 250,000+ conversations / month.

Set up our AI for your customer support automation.