7 Best Chatbots For Betting Industry

1. What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbots fall under the broader term of Conversational AI which is the way in which machines are built to understand and conduct conversations with people. It is a method for automating conversations to a degree where people get useful information from machines in a manner that resembles conversations between people.

2. Top Betting Chatbot Software Tools

1. AlphaChat

AlphaChat is a no-code chatbot platform that allows building Natural Language Understanding betting chatbots. The platform also offers advanced features such as authentication, SSO, APIs, agent co-pilot mode and intelligent routing.

Top Features:

  • Built-in Natural Language Understanding for training Virtual Assistants
  • Live chat and seamless handover to agents
  • Authentication and APIs
  • Polyglot mode for multilingual support
  • Industry templates

What’s special about this tool: Powerful tool with no-code interface for anyone to build customer service chatbots. Launch a bot in minutes. API available for advanced users with deep insight into bot content and AI suggestions on how to improve the Conversational AI. SLA and Alpha Operating System with custom code available for enterprise chatbots. 

Pricing: 10-day free trial. Paid plans from €399/month. 

Try out AlphaChat for free.

2. Meya

Meya is a chatbot program for developing customizable virtual assistants.

Top Features:

  • Multiple cloud hosting
  • Own markup language
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Customizable widget

What’s special about this tool: Meya offers its own Bot Flow Markup Language for developers in building their chatbots.

Pricing: Paid plans starting from $799/month.

Pricing: Price available on request.

3. Mindsay

Mindsay is a customer service automation tool which gives the possibility to build and train betting chatbots.

Top Features:

  • Train chatbots
  • Integrate to 3rd party tools
  • In-depth analytics
  • Multiple languages available

What’s special about this tool: With Mindsay it is possible to train the bot in multiple languages, connect to third party tools and analyze interactions.

Pricing: Pricing available on request.

4. Freshchat

Freshchat is a chatbot product from the freshworks family that also provides CRM and customer support software. 

Top Features:

  • Live chat
  • Train on CRM data
  • Book meetings
  • Gather leads

What’s special about this tool: Freshchat operates within the freshworks family of products that provide a variety of features.

Pricing: Paid plans starting from €69/month.

5. SnatchBot

SnatchBot is a feature-rich platform for building and training chatbots for a variety of industries.

Top Features:

  • Integration to social channels
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Speech recognition
  • Live chat

What’s special about this tool: SnatchBot offers several features like voice and NLP model training to make this suitable for more advanced users. With SnatchBot you can build advanced betting chatbots.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans starting from $30/month.

6. Mobile Monkey

MobileMonkey is a chatbot platform for marketing, sales and customer support for Facebook, SMS and websites.

Top Features:

  • Omnichannel
  • Facebook and Instagram integrations
  • Lead generation
  • B2C focus

What’s special about this tool: MobileMonkey integrates with various channels and has extensive features.

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans from $21/month.

7. Botsify

Botsify allows creating chatbots for websites, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook. 

Top Features:

  • Live chat
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Answer translation
  • No coding skills needed

What’s special about this tool: Botsify provides the ability to integrate bots into WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS. Deploying into several channels gives your betting chatbot a lot of verticality.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. Paid plans starting from $40/month.