Best Conversational AI Platforms in 2022 - Ultimate Guide

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Joann Klaas
September 22, 2021
Best Conversational AI Platforms in 2022 - Ultimate Guide

What is a Conversational AI Platform?

Conversational AI is the technology that powers automated conversations between a business and its customers. These conversations could be text-based or audio-based and can be done on any messaging or voice-based communication platform. Please note that conversational AI is the technology behind chatbots and voice-based assistants, but is not synonymous with either. So, you can use a messaging service, a website chatbot, a voice-based assistant, etc., and use conversational AI to automate conversations on it. AI technology has developed to a level where it can mimic human conversations with a great level of accuracy. They use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to fuel these human-like conversations. It helps them understand speech, text, and intent, decipher different languages, and respond as a human would.

Some conversational AI technologies are advanced enough to even understand the context and personalize the conversations. The main purpose of conversational AI is to automate conversations and customer interactions to provide accurate, round-the-clock support.

Benefits of Using A Conversational AI Platform?

Conversational AI has numerous business applications and can be used both for customer acquisition and retention. It can help you provide a better experience to your customers and resolve their problems quickly and efficiently. You can also use conversation AI technology to create user-friendly chatbots that can generate leads and drive more sales.

Here are some of the most common ways in which businesses today are leveraging this technology:

Customer Service

Conversational AI's initial and most prevalent application is to provide round-the-clock customer service. It can be used to respond to frequently requested client queries, solve problems, and offer solutions. You can create your own personal database of data to feed into your conversational platform to improve its accuracy.

Lead Generation And Conversion

Conversational AI can be used to provide product recommendations to your website visitors based on their search histories and past online behavior. You can use a website chatbot that interacts with users and directs them to the right pages, products, or services. This, basically, directs leads down the sales funnel. Another way in which it helps drive conversions is by cross-selling or upselling products to customers. If a customer interacts with your chatbot to ask for a product recommendation, you can train it to also suggest complementary or higher-value products. You can also use your conversational AI platform to deliver offers and promotions to your prospective or existing customers.

As far as lead generation is concerned, conversational AI-based chatbots can schedule appointments and collect email addresses during non-working hours. You can then pass that information on to your sales team, who can then nurture those leads..

Customer Research And Feedback

Conversational platforms’ key purposes are to interact with customers and prospects, understand their concerns and provide solutions. You can use the data collected from these conversations to better understand your customers and their challenges. Basically, you can use this as a means to collect customer feedback and improve your products and services. You can simply ask customers for their feedback during or after these automated conversations. All you have to do is train your conversational platform to do so.

You can also identify the most common challenges faced by your customers by analyzing the conversations and the questions that they ask. If the majority of your customers are seeking information about how to perform a certain task, then maybe you need to make it easier for them. Or if a lot of customers are facing the same issue with a product or service, then you need to fix the issue.

Best Conversational AI Platforms

1. AlphaChat

AlphaChat is a no-code end-to-end Conversational AI platform allowing companies to build Natural Language Understanding Intelligent Virtual Assistants. The platform also offers advanced features for enterprise customers such as authentication, SSO, APIs, agent co-pilot mode and intelligent routing.

Top Features:

  • Built-in Natural Language Understanding for training Virtual Assistants
  • Live chat and seamless handover to agents
  • Authentication and APIs
  • Polyglot mode for multilingual support

What’s special about this tool: Standard Package offers everything from building your own AI. insights into customer conversations (topics discussed, customer satisfaction) and statistics on AI value performance. Enables to train the NLU chatbot in one language and have it automatically chat in any language. SLAs and AlphaOS with DIY custom code writing available for enterprise accounts. 

Pricing: 10-day free trial. Paid plans from €399/month. 

Try out AlphaChat for free!

2. Ebi

Ebi is a conversational AI platform for building chatbots utilizing IBM Watson machine learning models.

Top Features:

  • Uses IBM Watson machine learning
  • Multichannel deployment
  • Live chat
  • Connect to voice

What’s special about this tool: Ebi offers custom virtual assistant development projects to build an eCommerce chatbot MVP in 30 days.

Pricing: Price available on request.

3. e-bot7

E-bot7 offers a chatbot tool for customer-facing conversation automation 


Top Features:

  • Statistics and reporting
  • Virtual Assistant training
  • No-code platform
  • Integrations to 3rd party tools

What’s special about this tool: E-bot7 uses smart routing for transferring customers from the chatbot to human agents when escalated.

Pricing: Paid plans price available on request.


Activechat is a platform for building smart conversational AI chatbots that is bundled with a live chat tool and a conversational intelligence module.

Top Features:

  • Chatbot training
  • Chatbot builder
  • Live chat
  • Analytics module

What’s special about this tool: Activechat gives a tool for training the chatbots and connecting them to built-in live chat.

Pricing: Prices from $33/agent/month with extra agents $299/year.

5. Netomi

Netomi is a customer service automation platform with Natural Language Understanding  

Top Features:

  • Semantic historic ticket clustering
  • Context engine
  • Integrations to 3rd party live chat
  • Email automation

What’s special about this tool: Netomi has built automation solutions for chat and email through its intent detection and ticket clustering capabilities.

Pricing: Pricing available on request.

6. Clinc

Clinc is aimed for financial institutions that are seeking to deploy Conversational AI solutions. 

Top Features:

  • eCommerce sector focus
  • Build chatbots
  • Integrations
  • Authentication

What’s special about this tool: Clinc offer banks and finance sector organizations a way to automate their support and provide enhanced customer experiences for eCommerce.

Pricing: Pricing available on request.

7. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a chatbot platform for marketing, sales and customer support for Facebook, SMS and websites.

Top Features:

  • Omnichannel
  • Facebook integration
  • Lead generation
  • Templates

What’s special about this tool: MobileMonkey integrates with various channels and has extensive features suitable for eCommerce.

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans from $21/month.

8. Drift

Drift is a chatbot builder that helps companies capture leads from your website and convert them to paying customers. 

Top Features:

  • Lead generation
  • Agent escalation
  • Visitor intelligence
  • Integrations

What’s special about this tool: Drift is focused on conversational sales and marketing through automation, chat and video chat.

Pricing: Price available on request.

9. Pandorabots

Pandorabots is a chatbot platform that comes with an IDE and allows to build code-based and no-code chatbots according to open standards.

Top Features:

  • Own your code
  • Cross-channel
  • Context aware
  • Voice enabled

What’s special about this tool: Comprehensive platform for building chatbots and writing your own code with plenty of flexibility. 

Pricing: Free sandbox. Paid plans starting from $19/month.

10. Freshchat

Freshchat is a chatbot product from the freshworks family that also provides CRM and customer support software. 

Top Features:

  • Live chat
  • Train on CRM data
  • Book meetings
  • Gather leads

What’s special about this tool: Freshchat operates within the Freshworks family of products that provide a variety of features.

Pricing: Paid plans starting from €69/month.


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