Chatbot Benefits: How Chatbots Will Change The Way You Do Business

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Joann Klaas
May 4, 2021
Chatbot Benefits: How Chatbots Will Change The Way You Do Business

Chatbots are good for helping you build better and more efficient experiences. By simplifying the chat experience, you can serve many more people at the same time and retain many more customers in the journey.

Here are a few chatbot benefits you can achieve by leveraging Conversational AI. One of the main benefits is increase in customer support efficiency - this means faster time in answering chats, increase in the number of people that can be self-served (they do not reach a customer service agent as they get an answer on their own), reduced support agent workload. 

Below we cover some of the main advantages of having a chatbot bot and the benefits it brings.

1. What Are Chatbots?

A chatbot is a program that can simulate natural conversation through text and audio. Chatbots can use natural language processing (NLP) to reply to customer queries. 

Chatbots come in several forms - some that use artificial intelligence (AI) to process complex queries and deliver results and others that use learning technologies to display the most relevant answers to each query. 

Chatbots can be developed in a variety of ways, but typically, they can be deployed using Conversational AI software platforms or chatbot software platforms (click here for a list of top 30 chatbot companies). Pricing varies but here is a quick estimate on how much your bot might cost.

2. Increase Self-service In Customer Support.

When you build yourself a chatbot then they can replace human customer service agents on Facebook Messenger as well as on messaging channels such as website chat, WhatsApp, RCS and Apple Business Chat. As a result of that, customers are finding solutions to their problems on their own through bots that understand their issues and provide helpful answers. 

3. Reduce Customer Support Agent Workload.

Customer service agents can continue to focus on complex interactions with higher rated customers instead of handling a higher volume of cases. This is a clear benefit of chatbots in customer service.

Higher rated customers that get answers to their complex questions from human agents quickly are more likely to return to a company, which ultimately increases revenue and leads to more profitable customer support interactions. 

4. Capture Leads From Your Website.

If your ecommerce website has lead forms, you can get new customers but you will get only those leads who fulfill the product/service requirements. If you choose to offer live chat with a bot on your website, you can actually capture leads before they leave the website. 

This is because in the current scenario, live chat is becoming more and more common in most of the ecommerce websites. In fact, most of the popular ecommerce websites offer a live chat option. This will ensure you capture the correct leads. Use multi-linguality to appeal to a global audience. 

As long as you provide a satisfying customer experience with a chatbot in your live chat, you are more likely to react fast to customer queries and capture the leads before they leave your website. Hyper-personalised real-time messaging creates a strong connection with customers.

5. Make Personalized Sales Offerings For Customers.

A chatbot can make a personalized sales offer to a customer based on the purchased products or services and their shopping history and the customer's profile. 

It is a much more personalized sales approach. Utilize chatbots to generate personalized content for customers instead of the same generic, one-size-fits-all text messages. Chatbots can be connected to the backend CRM through authentication and this opens up the opportunity for personalized offers based on a customer's past behavior and usage pattern.


For example, if the customer bought shampoo 2 days ago, the chatbot can generate a personalized text for the customer to enhance the experience (e.g. “buy towels from the same brand”, as well as boost the customer's shopping experience.

6. Offer quicker answers and support to your customers.

Increased customer satisfaction comes from several things. One of them is the speed of answers. Gone are the days when a customer would send an email and be ok with getting an answer in 3 days. 

Nowadays customers expect answers in seconds. This is purely because messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger have brought about instant communication between friends. And the same expectation of answers is carrying over to customer-to-business communications.

Chatbots provide 24/7 availability with sub-second response times. And even if the answer is not perfect, it is still ten times better than no answer at all. 

7. Scale your customer experience. 

With well-built bots you can have one-to-many conversations at scale. Even with no-code tools. This means that if you have 10,000+ inbound chats per month then a bot is capable of bringing in much needed efficiencies without you having to hiring additional support. You don't need to invest in agents or manage queues. Instead, automate customer service and keep customers happy without compromising customer service.

8. Conclusion

By making use of technology, organizations can deliver superior customer experience to their customers. The only requirement is adopting chatbots for the right business goals to bring in the benefits and achieve the desired results.

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