7 Conversational AI Benefits For SaaS Businesses

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Indrek Vainu
May 25, 2021
7 Conversational AI Benefits For SaaS Businesses

Conversational AI is an umbrella term for technologies that are capable of understanding human language and providing conversational answers to customers. Software as a service (SaaS) companies can benefit from Conversational AI in their business by harnessing it for automated customer support, increase in customer happiness and lead generation. Below we have listed the top benefits of Conversational AI for SaaS businesses. 

1. Increase Self-service Rates In Your Customer Service.

When you build a Conversational AI solution then it can augment your human customer service agents on your SaaS company’s website. These smart AI chatbots or Virtual Customer Assistants are capable of understanding customer questions. 

As a result of that, customers are finding solutions to their problems on their own through bots that understand their issues and provide helpful answers. We have seen that the average deflection rate (i.e. the % of customers who get an answer to their issue without chatting with live human agents) is 50%.

What this means to you as a SaaS business is that your customer support agents will spend 50% less time answering simple customer support questions and can focus on more high impact issues and sales.

conversational ai benefits for saas businesses

2. Capture Leads From Your Website.

Conversion is the name of the game for SaaS companies. If your website has lead forms, you can get new customers but you will get only those leads if they engage with the lead form. With Conversational AI you can make the lead forms interactive and this entices your customers to sign up and leave their contact information. 

Pro tip for SaaS companies that have a multi-lingual customer base is to use multi-linguality to appeal to their a global audience. By offering support and communication through the Conversational AI in the customer’s native tongue, the customer feels more cared for and is able to express himself more accurately. 

All this strengthens the loyalty to your brand and offers a better competitive edge from your competitors.

Conversational AI technology can be developed in a variety of ways, but typically, they can be deployed using Conversational AI software platforms or chatbot software platforms (click here for a list of top 30 chatbot companies). Pricing varies but here is a quick estimate on how much your bot might cost.

3. Reduce Customer Support Agent Workload.

Good customer support agents are tough to find because they must be quick, have excellent communication skills, understand your service or product inside out and ideally be capable of communicating in a number of languages.

As the bot can self-service around 50% of customers, it means that customer service agents need to spend 50% less time on simple FAQs. Instead, they can continue to focus on complex interactions instead of handling a higher volume of cases. This is a clear benefit of chatbots in customer service.

Customers that get their complex issues solved quicker are more likely to recommend the SaaS company’s products to their network, which ultimately increases revenue and leads to more profitable customer support interactions. 

4. Serve Personalized Information To Customers.

More advanced Conversational AI platforms allow the smart chatbot to authenticate the user. This means that the AI not only understands the customer question but triggers an authentication window after which it serves the customer specific information about her account.

As an example, if the customer has a question about invoices then the AI is capable of quickly linking the query to a specific invoice for that customer and providing detailed information about the sum on the invoice and what it is for. Such a personalized approach is similar to what a human support agent would do. 


5. Scale Your Customer Experience. 

With well-built Conversational AI you can have one-to-many conversations at scale. Even with no-code tools

This means that if you have 10,000+ inbound chats per month then a smart chatbot is capable of bringing in much needed efficiencies without you having to hire additional support. 

You don't need to invest in agents or manage queues. Instead, automate customer service and keep customers happy without compromising customer service.

6. Offer Quicker Answers And Support To Your Customers.

Increased customer satisfaction comes from several things. One of them is the speed of answers. Gone are the days when a customer would send an email and be ok with getting an answer in 3 days. 

Nowadays customers expect answers in seconds. With the rise in messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger, expectations for instant communication between friends is spilling over to the realm of business. Customers are expecting similar response times and helpfulness from business as well. 

Conversational AI provides customers the ability to get answers to their questions with 24/7 availability in sub-second response times. And even if the answer is not perfect, it is still ten times better than no answer at all. 

7. Increase Customer Happiness

A happy customer is a one that upgrades your SaaS products and talks to their friends about your business. One of the main drivers of happiness is the speed and care at which you solve your customer’s issues.

With Conversational AI you can offer instant responses and let the customer know that you have built a system where they can find help around the clock. And you can connect the user to the human agents at right touch points to provide more in-depth help.

All this is meant to show your customer with your actions, that your SaaS business has truly thought about their problems and is doing everything to help. This knowledge on its own already translates into increased customer happiness and loyalty which in turn, will benefit your business in the long run.

8. Conclusion

Conversational AI enables SaaS businesses to benefit from advanced technologies through quicker customer support, decreased workloads for support staff, personalized offers and increased customer satisfaction.

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